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How to Become an Instructor: FAQ

We’re happy you’re interested in becoming a Semiconductor Club instructor and teaching on our platform! At Semiconductor Club you can teach what you know, or teach what you love, and thousands of students are waiting, eager to learn.

Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding the teaching experience on Semiconductor Club, and becoming a Semiconductor Club instructor.

How do I register as a Semiconductor Club instructor?

Learn how to set up your instructor account.

Can I teach a course on any topic?

You are free to choose any topic related to electronics, electricals, telecommunication, computer science and other related engineering streams you wish to teach on Semiconductor Club and by using our Marketplace Insights tool, you can learn more about demand for that topic (see below).

Note: We focus on serving above mention streams student’s and professionals. hence, In case semiconductor club hold all the rights to reject the courses submission from our platform which is not belong to above mentioned streams.

Do I have to pay any fees in order to become an instructor?

There is no fee to be an instructor on Semiconductor Club. Instructors are paid according to a revenue share model. 

Learn more about Semiconductor Club’s instructor revenue share.

What approval do I need to get started as an instructor?

No approval is needed to get started. Before an instructor can publish a course on the Semiconductor Club marketplace, however, they need to complete their profile from dashboard before get paid.

In order to create paid courses, instructors will need to set up a payment method for their account (see “How will I get Paid” below).

Are there any requirements that my course must meet?

Yes. Courses must have at least 30 minutes of video content and at least 5 lectures or learning modules.

In order to ensure that students have great learning experiences, we also have a Quality Review Process that every course goes through. 

Learn more about our course quality checklist and our quality review process.

How will I get paid?

Instructors can use PayPal receive their payment. You are paid on a monthly basis (more details on our payment schedule for instructors can be read here).

What’s the general structure of a Semiconductor Club course? What is the primary teaching method?

A standard Semiconductor Club course is video-based.  Additional teaching tools (like assignments, quizzes, and coding exercises, etc) can be added to create a rich learning experience for students.

For courses regarding certification preparation, we also offer instructors the ability to create a Practice Test course. 

How do I create a Semiconductor Club course?

This section includes extensive resources on how you can create a Semiconductor Club course and get started.

How do I get my course materials on your site?

Since we function primarily as an on-demand, video-based platform, you’ll need to upload your video files directly to Semiconductor Club. In other words, students must be able to view your course lectures on the Semiconductor Club platform.

In addition to our standard lecture uploader,

Does Semiconductor Club retain exclusive rights to my course if I sell it on your platform?

No. Our marketplace model means that when you publish a course on our platform, you retain all the rights to your content.  You simply grant us a license to host the course and make it available to our users, and to advertise your course on our platform and on third party services.  

These license terms are outlined in detail in Semiconductor Club’s instructor terms. You can also offer your course on other services, but we ask that your course is never offered for a lower price than on Semiconductor Club.

Will Semiconductor Club promote my course?

As an instructor, you have the option to enroll in the Semiconductor Club Deals Program. Every year, millions of students enroll in courses that are selected for promotion and discounted through the Semiconductor Club Deals Program.

Learn more about the Semiconductor Deals Program.

In addition, we provide instructors with extensive articles, resources and features at Semiconductor Club to help you effectively market your course(s). Review resources on how to market your course.

What languages can courses be taught in?

Most world languages are selectable as the home language for a Semiconductor Club course you teach, and you are welcome to create a course in any available one you wish. Learn how to select a language for your course.