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Instructor payment overview and schedule

Semiconductor Club pays instructor on monthly basis.

Here are the steps involved in Semiconductor Club’s payment schedule for instructors.

  1. As an instructor, a contract is signed with the Semiconductor Club.
  2. The  instructor’s paid course is submitted for review and published on
  3. In the first month, if your course receives paid enrollments, student fees are transferred to Semiconductor Club, and Semiconductor Club deducts transaction taxes and other fees from that amount as listed in the Instructor Terms.
  4. Months 1: Semiconductor Club. processes refunds, corrections, and other adjustments.
  5. Months 2: Semiconductor Club pays instructor [(total Month 1 student payments after applicable deductions –  total refunds) x % revenue share]. Expected payment dates and the payment amount for a specific is 10th day of Month 2. All payments to instructors are from Semiconductor Club.