Digital Signal Processing Fundamentals and Application


The book is suitable for a sequence of two-semester courses at the senior level in undergraduate electronics, computer, and biomedical engineering technology programs. Chapters 1 to 8 provide the topics for a one semester course, and a second course can complete the rest of the chapters. This textbook can also be used in an introductory DSP course at the junior level in undergraduate electrical engineering programs at traditional colleges. Additionally, the book should be useful as a reference for undergraduate engineering students, science students, and practicing engineers.


This book is not authored or published by semiconductor club. All credits goes to respective author and publisher.


    • Digital Signal Processing Introduction
    • Quantization & Signal Sampling
    • Digital Systems and Signals
    • Discrete Fourier Transform and Signal Spectrum
    • The z-Transform
    • Digital Signal Processing Systems, Basic Filtering Types, and Digital Filter Realizations
    • Finite Impulse Response Filter Design
    • Infinite Impulse Response Filter Design
    • Hardware and Software for Digital Signal Processors
    • Adaptive Filters and Applications
    • Waveform Quantization and Compression
    • Multirate Digital Signal Processing, Oversampling of Analog-to-Digital Conversion, and Undersampling of Bandpass Signals
    • Subband- and Wavelet-Based Coding
    • Image Processing Basics


    • Title: Digital Signal Processing
    • Size: 27 MB
    • Page: 893
    • Page Color: Black & White
    • Year: 2013
    • Author: Li Tan & Jean Jiang
    • Country: UK
    • Branch: Electronics Branch
    • Chapters: 14 Chapters
    • Edition: Second Edition


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