Analog And Digital Control System Design


The Analog And Digital Control System Design is a standard control system book for the electrical, electronics engineering domain that covers topics such as transfer function, state-space, algebraic methods, etc.

    • Introduction
    • Mathematical preliminary
    • Development of block diagrams for control systems
    • Quantitative and qualitative analyses of control systems
    • Computer simulation and realization
    • Design criteria, constraints, and feedback
    • The root-locus method
    • Frequency-domain techniques
    • The inward approach-choice of the overall transfer functions
    • Implementation-linear algebraic method
    • State-space design
    • Discrete-time system analysis
    • Discrete-time system design
    • PID controllers
    • The Laplace transform


This book is not authored or published by semiconductor club. All credits goes to respective author and publisher.


    • Title:¬†Analog And Digital Control System Design
    • Size: 19 MB
    • Page: 609 Pages
    • Page Color: Color Pages
    • Year: –
    • Author: Chi-Tsong Chen
    • Country: –
    • Branch: Electrical, Electronics
    • Chapters: 14 Chapters
    • Edition: –


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