VLSI Project Ideas

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VLSI Project Ideas

  1. LPDC[ Low Density Parity Check Code ] Encoders
  2. LPDC[ Low Density Parity Check Code ] Decoders
  3. Fractional PLL
  4. Physical Random Function generation with soft Errors
  5. Parity Prediction in Adders
  6. On Chip Bus Protocols
  7. USB[Universal Serial Bus Protocol]
  8. On Chip Speed-Monitors
  9. On Chip Process Variation Monitors
  10. Process Variation [Channel Length Variation] Modeling
  11. Process Variation [Lens abberation] Modeling
  12. On Chip variation list and their contribution in deration
  13. Wafer level variation
  14. SerDes[Serializer and Deserializer]
  15. CAM based look-up table
  16. Bluetooth Payload encryption Algorithm
  17. Implementation of FIR filters
  18. DMA[Direct Memory Access] Implementation
  19. Analysis of Crosstalk induced Delay Variation
  20. Signal Integrity Aware Synthesis/placement/routing techniques
  21. Viterbi Decoders Implementation
  22. Lithographic Friendly Placement and Routing Techniques
  23. Implementation of Image Compression Algorithms
  24. Study of Static Timing Analysis Algorithms like Arnoldi/Elmore/...
  25. Clock recovery circuit which can lock to any unknown phase in a short span of time
  26. Bus Functional Models AMBA Bus Protocol


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