CMOS VLSI Design A Circuits and Systems Perspective


This edition has been heavily revised to reflect the rapid changes in integrated circuit design over the past six years. While the basic principles are largely the same, power consumption and variability have become primary factors for chip design. The book has been reorganized to emphasize the key factors: delay, power, interconnect, and robustness. Other chapters have been reordered to reflect the order in which we teach the material.


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    • Title: CMOS VLSI Design A Circuits and Systems Perspective
    • Size: 12 MB
    • Page: 867 Pages
    • Page Color: Color Page
    • Year: 2011
    • Author’s: Neil H. E. Weste & David Money Harris
    • Country: the United States of America
    • Branch: Electrical, Electronics
    • Chapters: 15 Chapters
    • Edition: Old Edition
    • Introduction
    • MOS Transistor Theory
    • CMOS Processing Technology
    • Delay
    • Power
    • Interconnect
    • Robustness
    • Circuit Simulation
    • Combinational Logic Design
    • Sequential Circuit Design
    • Datapath Subsystems
    • Array Subsystems
    • Special-Purpose Subsystems
    • Design Methodology And Tools
    • Testing, Debugging, And Verification


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