Technology And Engineering Applications Of Simulink


Simulink-Matlab combination is very useful for developing algorithms, GUI assisted creation of block diagrams and realisation of interactive simulation based designs. The eleven chapters of the book demonstrate the power and capabilities of Simulink to solve engineering problems with varied degree of complexity in the virtual environment.


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    • Title: Technology And Engineering Applications Of Simulink
    • Size: 11 MB
    • Page: 265 Pages
    • Page Color: Color Pages
    • Year: 2012
    • Author: Subhas Chakravarty
    • Country: India
    • Branch: Electrical, Electronics
    • Chapters: 11 Chapters
    • Edition: First Edition
    • Analysis of Power Electronic Controllers in Electric Power Systems Using Simulink
    • Study of Inductive-Capacitive Series Circuits Using the Simulink Software Package
    • Fixed Transmission Media
    • Co-Simulation Procedure for PID and Fuzzy Logic Active Controls Strategies Applied to a Sprayers Boom Suspension
    • S-Function Library for Bond Graph Modeling
    • From Control Design to FPGA Implementation
    • Describing Function Recording with Simulink and MATLAB
    • Performance Evaluation of a Temperature Control Stage Used on a Semiconductor Gas Sensor 3D Electro-Thermal Model Through Simulink
    • Matlab Simulink® Model of a Braked Rail Vehicle and Its Applications
    • Using of Hybrid Supply for Electric or Hybrid Vehicles
    • The Uses of Artificial Intelligence for Electric Vehicle Control Applications


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