Exploring C For Microcontrollers


The hardware designed is useful for engineering graduates and practicing professionals with the required knowledge and practical hands on skills to design with embedded systems. However, the prerequisite for the book is background of theoretical aspects of architecture of microcontrollers especially the MCS-51 family. The book starts with initial experiments, which provide familiarization with the capabilities and the limitations of the basic 8051 microcontroller using a simulator. Once the reader is comfortable with these primitive programs which covers almost all the on-chip resources, he or she can switch to more advanced ones.


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    • Title:¬†Exploring C For Microcontrollers
    • Size: 4 MB
    • Page: 168 Pages
    • Page Color: Color Pages
    • Year: 2007
    • Authors: Jivan S Parab, Vinod G Shelake, Rajanish K Kamat, Gourish M Naik
    • Country: India
    • Branch: Electrical, Electronics
    • Chapters: 08 Chapters
    • Edition: –


    • Microcontrollers: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
    • Integrated Development Environment
    • Art of C Programming for Microcontrollers
    • Exploring the Capabilities of On-Chip Resources Programming for I/O Ports, Interrupts and Timer/Counter
    • Hyperterminal-Based Control
    • Embedding Microcontroller in Routine Applications
    • Microcontroller-based Measurement and Control Applications
    • Securing Your Embedded System Application



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